• Finding it hard to get to the gym, training for a marathon or a fun run?
  • Fed up with petrol prices?
  • Live within a few miles of work or with access to public transport?

Have you tried walking or running to work?
Walking is free  and it’s a great way to stay healthy and makes you feel good too.

Half an hour of daily exercise, such as walking, can reduce by half your risk of heart disease. A brisk 20 minute walk (roughly one mile) burns around 100 calories. If you find it hard fitting 30 minutes of physical activity into your already crowded schedule, walking to work could be your first step towards a new routine.

Did you know…
12% of respondents to the Adastral Park travel survey live within two miles of the site; approximately a 40 minute walk – what an excellent opportunity to walk to work and do some exercise at the same time.

At least one person on site regularly walks 7.5 miles each way from home to work (and back again).

Get walking!
Keep track of your steps for four weeks and watch the calories burn and your carbon footprint decrease. Try taking a walk during your lunch break, take the stairs instead of the lift, or get off the bus a stop or two early when travelling.
If you want to walk around the perimeter of the site, it will take you about half an hour to complete the circuit.

Get talking!
Why not try a walking meeting rather than being cooped up inside. Walking helps to shift your energy, change the scenery and become more creative whilst buring calories. Or, try taking a break from the screen by visiting your colleagues at their desks instead of sending an email.

Adastral Park has 53 showers so if you need to change after walking, jogging or running, you should be able to find one near to your office. We also have lockers available on the upper loading bay.


Further Walk to Work information and details to set up your own Walkers Action Group is available: www.walkingworks.org.uk

The walking route planner that helps you get around town on foot: www.walkit.com

Ramblers Association: http://www.ramblers.org.uk/walking/getwalking/

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