Priority parking at Adastral Park

Designated priority parking has been introduced for car sharers in all the main car parks across Adastral Park. These green painted spaces are wider than standard for easier access for passengers and are located close to buildings to encourage people to seek the benefits of car sharing at Adastral Park. The scheme is operated on a trust basis with random checks being made from time to time to see whether alterations need to be made to the operations of the scheme.

Car Share

To use the dedicated parking spaces, you must come on to site with at least one other passenger in your car. You may drop passengers off on site before going to park. The priority parking is only for sharing a lift to the Park – it is not appropriate for use if you have shared a lift with someone off site such as for a school run or to another business. However, we do encourage lift sharing outside of Adastral Park. If a car park has been closed off, the priority parking spaces should not be used until the area is open for access again, such as in the Events car park.

Click here to view a map that shows where the priority parking is located around the Park.

What are the benefits of sharing a car?

  • Saves you money – travelling with others enables you to reduce your transport costs by up to £1,000 a year
  • Reduces the number of cars on the roads – results in less congestion, less pollution and fewer parking problems
  • Provides a real solution to the transport problems of rural areas
  • Gives you more transport options
  • Available for non-car drivers to participate as car passengers
  • Offers a companion and conversation for your journey
  • Reduces the need for a private car
  • Can be used for business, commute or leisure trips

How does the car sharing work at Adastral Park?

BT CarShare has been set up in conjunction with liftshare to provide a car sharing service for people working at BT. Liftshare connects people enabling them to travel together, creating a more sustainable method of travel. As a member you can add, search for and arrange journeys with other members. has been created for BT employees as a dedicated group for BT employees. It is currently only available to people registering with a or email address. We are currently investigating the option of creating an Adastral Park specific group which would be available to all the BT and non-BT people working on the site – watch this space for further information. Being part of a dedicated group means that your journeys will only be shown to members in the same group unless you choose otherwise.

What would encourage people to car share more often?

We would like to know what would help people to car share more frequently. Email with your views on the priority parking scheme and any other travel related matters.


Car share for BT
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