Download one of our maps to discover a new route to work by bus, bike or walking.

 Location of on-site showers:

Adhara Antares Aquarius Tower
ATLAS Clubhouse ATLAS Fitness Centre Callisto
Columba Gemini Oberon
Polaris Sirius Sports Hall


We have a locker and drying room facility, with separate ladies and gents rooms, so that those who walk or bike to work have somewhere to change and store travel clothes. There are over 130 lockers, located on the Upper Loading Bay of the Orion building, next to the gym shower rooms. The lockers are free to use for anyone on site, in return for a refundable key fee, on a first come first served basis and subject to terms and conditions – contact Martin Walker for more information.

Did you know?

  • Woodbridge station is only 3.6 miles from Adastral Park – less than 20 a minute bike ride.
  • Travelling from Ipswich Station by public transport saves at least half a kilogram of CO2.
  • The majority or people working at Adastral Park live within 5 to 10 miles of the site.
  • More than a quarter of us live within 4 miles of Adastral Park – roughly a 20 minute bike ride.
  • 12% of travel plan respondents live within 2 miles – approximately a 40 minute walk.
  • 90% of people overestimate the time it would take to get from their home by bus to Adastral Park
  • On average, staff who live within 4 miles of Adastral Park overestimate the time their journey would take by a sustainable mode (walking or cycling) by 18 minutes!
  • Employees who travel to work as solo car drivers, would travel by the following modes if their vehicle was unavailable:
    • Work from home 34%
    • Bike: 17%
    • Car Passenger 16%
    • Bus: 13%
    • Motorbike: 3%
    • Train: 2%
    • Walk: 2%
    • Car share 1%
  • 61% of respondents to the Travel Survey stated that CONVENIENCE is their primary reason for selecting their mode of travel to work.
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