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First Ipswich operate buses frequently between the Rail station and Adastral Park throughout the day, 7 days a week. On weekdays they also operate additional dedicated journeys during the morning and evening peaks.

Service 66 operates up to every 20 minutes, 7 days a week with the additional journeys provided by routes 67, H66 and X66.

The additional AM journeys depart from the Rail Station at:
07.20 (X66), 07.50 (67), 08.20 (X66), 08.50 (X66) and 09.15 (67)
There are also journeys from Duke Street at 08.27 (H66) and the Town Centre at 08.38 (67).

The additional PM journeys depart from Adastral Park at:
16.30 (X66), 17.00 (67), 17.15 (67), 17.30 (X66), 17.50 (67), 18.10 (H66), 18.30 (67), 19.00 (H66) and 19.30 (67).

All PM journeys serve both the Town Centre and the Rail Station.
Service 67 operates between the Rail Station via the Town Centre and via Foxhall Road to Adastral Park.

Service H66 operates between the Town Centre via the Rail Station, Duke Street, Nacton Road and the A12 to Adastral Park.

Service X66 operates between the Town Centre via the Rail Station fast along the A47 and A12 directly to Adastral Park.

For full details of these services along with timetables please click here for the First Eastern Counties website.

If you need to travel outside of these times, all tickets are valid for use on Service 66.
A full range of tickets are available on bus from singles and returns for the occasional user along with day, weekly, monthly and 10-trip tickets.

We are also proud to belong to the First Corporate Travel Club Scheme which provides regular users with specially discounted travel. Click here for a poster or visit our GrassRoutes Offers page for details of the scheme.

The shuttle bus service is only free for passengers travelling on business and when they present the driver with a valid train ticket. Other passengers on a daily commute can also their train ticket but must include PlusBus to make it valid. So remember to include this option when booking your rail tickets and it also saves £1.80 on a day return journey! Check out PlusBus details here.

View route map here.


Will the bus stop anywhere between Adastral Park and the station?

Yes, the bus will now be able to stop, by request, at any of the public bus stops anywhere along any of the routes.

Can any non-BT use the bus to get to/from Adastral Park?

Yes, all the services provided by First Ipswich are local bus routes so anyone can travel as long as they have or purchase a valid rail ticket.

Where will the bus stop at Adastral once the public service commences?

Services 67, H66 and X66 will drop passengers off at the dedicated stop right outside our reception building at Adastral Park. We aim to make the journey as convenient as possible. Service 66 will stop close to the reception building on Anson Road.

Can I purchase a weekly or monthly bus pass for regular commuting to Adastral Park?

Yes, there are a large range of tickets available both on and off bus which offer great value for money depending on how often you use the services. See the offers page for current details. For the best savings please check out the Corporate Travel Club deal we have in place.

A short case study after the first year of running the servicce : Adastral Park Railway Shuttle Case Study.