There are all sorts of reasons for riding a bike. Cycling to work can be a great way to start and end the day, plus it is a good way to get fit and healthy. Around a quarter of the car journeys to site are from within 5 miles – cycling is a great alternative to the car over short distances and often a quicker alternative for travelling around town. By switching from the car to the bike, you will also help the environment globally (by reducing CO2 emissions) and locally (by reducing noise/pollution).

Adastral Park has 53 showers so if you need to change after cycling, you should be able to find one near to your office. We also have lockers available on the upper loading bay.

A copy  of Ipswich’s cycle map can be found here.

The Adastral Park Bike User Group (BUG) promotes and supports cycling as a means of transport. It provides advice to Adastral Park site managers on road design, showers, locker facilities and cycle shelters, as well as providing cyclists with information such as routes into work and recommended bike shops and repairers. BUG membership is free and open to everyone at Adastral Park, and members can also use the on-site cycle workshop at Adastral Park which is equipped with a pump, workstand and many specialist cycling tools.

Through the Adastral Park Travel Plan, Grass Routes, the BUG has now been affiliated with the Cycle Touring Club (CTC) which allows BUG members to obtain a reduced individual affiliation membership from the CTC.

For more information on cycling to Adastral Park, please contact the Bicycle Users Group (BUG) on 01473 608090 or visit their website at

Please contact the Adastral Property Helpdesk on: 0800 22 33 88 if you need further information, and Adastral Park Security on (01473) 647860 for a spare set of bike lights if you have problems with your own.


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Ipswich Cycle Maps: SCCC Transport Cycling

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