Welcome to the Grass Routes website – designed to provide you with travel information to aid your journey to, from and within Adastral Park.

The main aim of the website is to support the Adastral Park travel plan, which is ultimately designed to encourage us all to think about the way in which we travel to work.

Adastral Park is a key location in the East of England and we have set some big challenges to help reduce its environmental impact on the area, whilst supporting BT’s climate change objectives and Suffolk’s drive to be The Greenest County. By choosing a more sustainable and healthy way to get to work, together we can make a big difference to our carbon footprint at Adastral Park.

As the travel plan manager for Adastral Park, we aim to provide the best possible travel-related information, and work with local transport providers and other key stakeholders to encourage better links to Adastral Park.

In addition to this website, a number of initiatives are available:

  • a travel information desk in the Hub
  • regular events, promotions and incentives
  • regular surveys, focus groups and buddy groups
  • personal travel plan sessions.

Adastral Park Core Team.