Welcome to the Grass Routes website – designed to provide you with travel information to aid your journey to, from and within Adastral Park.

The main aim of the website is to support the Adastral Park travel plan, which is ultimately designed to encourage us all to think about the way in which we travel to work.

Adastral Park is a key location in the East of England and we have set some big challenges to help reduce its environmental impact on the area, whilst supporting BT’s climate change objectives and Suffolk’s drive to be The Greenest County. By choosing a more sustainable and healthy way to get to work, together we can make a big difference to our carbon footprint at Adastral Park.

As the travel plan manager for Adastral Park, we aim to provide the best possible travel-related information, and work with local transport providers and other key stakeholders to encourage better links to Adastral Park.

In addition to this website, a number of initiatives are available:

  • a travel information desk in the Hub
  • regular events, promotions and incentives
  • regular surveys, focus groups and buddy groups
  • personal travel plan sessions.

Adastral Park Core Team.


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From Tuesday 1 September 2015, significant changes are necessary to make the railway shuttle bus timetable remain viable based on the current level of usage.

See the revised timetable for details. In summary:

  • There will be 7 morning services:
    • X66 from the rail station at 0720, 0820 & 0850
    • H66 from Duke street at 0827
    • 67 from the station/Cattle Market at 0750/0758, 0838 & 0915/0923
  • There will be 9 evening service to the station departing from Adastral Park reception:
    • X66 at 1630 & 1730 direct to the railway station via A14
    • H66 at 1810 & 1900
    • 67 at 1700, 1715, 1750, 1830 & 1930
  • The normal 66 service can also be used 24 hours a day using the same ticket arrangements.

The service will remain free at point of entry for all business passengers travelling with a valid train ticket.

For further details refer to the Shuttle Bus page.

Last year over 14,000 train tickets were issued for travel by BT people from Ipswich. If you have to travel by train for business there are a few suggestions to make your journey more convenient and help save ££’s

Top tips for travellers to save on rail fares:

  • Book as far ahead as you can to take advantage of the cheapest Advance fares
  • Avoid purchasing last minute and on the day of travel unless in an emergency, as this will be the most expensive way to travel
  • Travel Off Peak:  Avoid arriving into London before 10am, and departing between 1630-1900 if possible
  • Split your tickets at Manningtree or Colchester if possible to travel in peak time to save against the full fare from Ipswich <> London (can save up to £19 per return)
  • Best Fare Finder:  this allows you to view the cheapest ticket for the journey by week and month, allowing you to plan your journey in the most cost effective way.
  • Advance fares are non-refundable, but they are exchangeable up to 2 hours before the original departure time for the same route subject to any fare difference.

We are always seeking ways of encouraging more sustainable forms of travel, which can also be more convenient and cost effective. Do let us know if you have any suitable suggestions.

Andrew Cassy

Adastral Park Travel Plan Manager

Passengers travelling out of Woodbridge can expect the machine to be dispensing tickets in the next few days. The installation follows relocation of the town’s tourist information centre, with tickets no longer available in advance unless bought online.

Greater Anglia said it was also installing machines at Beccles and Saxmundham stations.

See EADT for full article.

BT’s trainline portal is now offering the convenience of print your own (PYO) ticketing for selected routes and ticket types. This new service lets you print an A4 sized ticket from your home or office desktop, via the trainline portal, for a number of key train routes.

PYO is currently restricted to advance tickets only – where a seat reservation is mandatory – on Virgin Trains, Greater Anglia, Cross Country, Grand Central, First Hull, and some routes on First Great Western and East Midlands Trains. East Coast routes will be included shortly.

Currently, PYO tickets can’t be exchanged, so you should only use this method if you are sure you will be travelling on the specified train. Also, when you travel, you will need to carry with your PYO ticket some form of identification specified when booking – usually either the last four digits of a credit or debit card, a driving licence or passport. You can find more information by visiting the BT travel pages.

On Friday 21 September 2012 we launched our first publically accessible charging post for electric vehicles (EV) in a collaborative event with Port of Felixstowe. The event was started with a personalised message from Norman Baker MP and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport and concluded with a convoy of electric cars driving down to Felixstowe to launch their charging post too.

Keith Bevis (Source East), Stewart Bethell (Port of Felixstowe), Andrew Cassy (BT) and Heather McInroy (BiTC)

EV post launch

After the video from the Minister there were brief presentations from Keith Bevis, Source East and Heather McInroy Business in the Community ways2work. The BT post was ‘launched’ by the Adastral Park travel plan manager, Andrew Cassy, alongisde Steve Watson, BT Fleet with the recharging of two of the electric vehicles on display that day.

After the launch, a selection of EV’s currently on the market were on display for employees to see and test drive, including three of the iconic Vauxhall Ampera, a Peugeot iOn and VW Kangoo van. A small convoy of electric vehicles then travelled down to Felixstowe Port where Stewart Bethell launched their post and gave a guided tour of the port.

Source East networkVisitors travelling to the site can recharge their electric vehicle with their Source East card (also available for short term loan from reception if required). Other charging posts on this network can be seen by checking the Live Availability online map.

Employees working at Adastral Park can also make use of two further charging posts with dedicated parking bays next to the central Hub building. These posts were put in place back in 2008 as an early signal to encourage people to consider electric vehicles as those vehicles become more accessible.

Andrew Cassy says “Until recently the wider network of retaillers and charging points has been a significant  constraint for all bar the enthusiasts. The time is now right though as these barriers are coming down, with battery and vehicle technology improving, coupled with the financial incentives from the Government. All the mainstream manufacturers now having an EV or hybrid car available to buy or soon to be launched. So I expect to start seeing more vehicles needing to use the charging posts in the near future.


  • Q: Are there any plans to roll this facility out to other GDC sites
  • A: As far as we are aware no plans for any other sites as they do not have a travel plan nor sponsor to fund these local initiatives.
  • Q: At Adastral Park,  is there some online detail, or documentation about the trial / EV charging points.
  • A: The two original charging  posts next to the Hub are shown on the site map (the charging points shown near B56 are for electric bicycle recharging only!), plus the newer public post in the visitor car park by reception is shown on the SourceEast website, along with details for how to join that scheme.  Long term loans for RFID keys to the Hub charging posts are available to Adastral Park employees via reception. Short term loan of cards for the Source East posts are also available from reception if you don’t have your own card.
  • Q: Do the Charging parking spaces need to be booked in advance?
  • A: No, first come first served basis until this becomes an issue.
  • Q: How many of them are there?
  • A: two 3amp by the hub plus two in visitor car park (one 3Kw  & one 7Kw Mennekes)
  • Q:  Is there any guarantee of visitors being able to hook-up and recharge, most electric cars have a limited range and without a re-charging facility I would probably not have enough battery power for my return journey.
  • A: Not at the moment, but with current usage this is not an isue.
  • Q: Is there a charge for the facility, or electric used?
  • A: Not at present thoalthough this could change as demand increases, there maybe a cost for the public Source East network usage
  • Q: Are there any limitations or restrictions on charging time?
  • A: Not at the moment.

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